Unizone - Universal Ozone

Unizone is a BeShare client based on Ozone 1.1.0 build 87 made by VitViper, and Muscle, written by Jeremy Friesner.

Git repository

New Features:

We would like to thank following persons or BeShare users that have helped us in translating, enhancing or testing:

VitViperfor making such a good client as Ozone
Jeremyfor making Muscle and BeShare
Mie Itefirst one to test Unizone
Garjalafor inventing name for the project
mmu_manfor patch to get percentages in transfer load
Francois(BR)for Portuguese translation
leprOSyfor German translation
LoLLfor French translation
Sauron_RUfor Russian translation and sample for Cyrillic character set CP1251
tarjanfor Korean translation

Code from Unizone has also been used in development of Ozone 1.1.1 and Image Splitter 1.0.0.

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